I can see the beach from here...

So, after a productive day and a very apathetic week I am feeling hopeful again. Finals are only two weeks away. Just 27 hours of lecture, 13 hours of small group/lab, three weekends to study for for finals and then I'll be sitting for the exams that mark the end of first term. I have SO much to learn, review and study in the meantime but I also know that I'll be on a plane home four weeks from tomorrow and that thought is sustaining me. I can study, I like to study, I can drink coffee, I can do without 8 hours of sleep a night. I can and I will. This is my mantra. I will post again when finals are over and I'm enjoying the island of Grenada as a normal person and not a student. Until then I will study.... Only 21 days and I can wake up and go to the beach without BRS!

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  1. Hang in there Regina! Can't wait until you are back;) Hugs!