quiet spots

The last few days have been filled with quiet, a very good quiet.

Thursday after class I headed to Carriacou with two of my favorite people. A nauseating, rainy, windy and very crowded 2 hour + ferry ride later we arrived to find that everything was closing. Dinner was beer and bread but we were on vacay so no complaints. The next day being Good Friday meant that all shops and such were closed so it gave us plenty of time to catch up on anatomy and biochem. And we even made it to the beach despite the rain shower and scary dogs. Afterwards more studying was had. It was just nice to be somewhere different even if we were doing the same things (studying, eating, sleeping, watching a movie on a computer). Saturday was a bit more eventful with a proper british breakfast at the cutest little house/restaurant, Lyme and Dine followed by a walk through the main town of Hillsborough. It was time to come back to Grenada but not everyone was ready to leave so we found a place for "but I'm not ready to go back to Grenada" girl to stay and said our goodbyes. The ferry ride back was peaceful. The weekend proceeded without much to note, it seems many students went away and campus seemed deserted, it was a change to walk around and not see 1/2 the class between the anatomy lab and the student center. I love my class but Grenada is kind of small and our class is large so you are bound to run into someone no matter where you go. Grocery store, coffee shop, far side of the island, it doesn't seem to matter.... so for a day it was refreshing to only see a total of 2 people during the walk from my apartment to the anatomy lab. 

Today I decided to go for a run and found a desolate spot with a view of campus on one side and the airport on the other. (See picture above.) After sitting and reflecting for awhile I was ready to study again. I think I needed this weekend. Finals will be here in just over a month and there is so much to learn and review in that time. Now I'm sure that before I know it, I'll be home for the summer and first term will seem a distant memory... but in the meantime I've found my quiet spot to run to when I need a study break or feel homesick or just want to sit and appreciate the place I'm in. And next Easter I've got a whole quiet island to visit again...

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