I kind of like it here

Now, don't get me wrong, I am looking forward to my last real summer vacation. Who knows when or how old I'll be before I have over two months of personal time to work, travel and lounge at my discretion again. And of course I do miss certain things and people from home. I am looking forward to going home, but I am not dreading coming back in August either.

The thing is, I like Grenada and I think I'm getting a good medical education at SGU. I like my classmates, I've made some amazing friends. Sure medical school is a lot of work, but I think this setting makes it easier to work. There are few distractions that are not self created and people here work hard. Of course there will always be those that work harder or play harder than you but for the most part my classmates want to be here and we are all doing our best to do well. 

I have not been counting down the days because I really don't have anything to count down to. Sure ordering a drink from Starbucks, seeing my husband, going to the playground with my nieces, walking around a modern hospital, reading The New Yorker on the Monday it comes out, all of that will be nice. But last night I went out to dinner with a few of my favorite island people and we celebrated a Birthday, a published paper, a summer travel internship and being a month away from completing first term, and that was nice too...

I could write about everything I miss from home and the States, but the thing is, I am starting to think of Grenada as my second home and I'm going to miss my friends from here and the amazing view of the water and the Island time lifestyle over the summer. I recognize that this is not the place for everyone, but as for me I'm okay with being a SGU student in Grenada, 'cause, I kind of like it here! 

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  1. Wait a minute....how do I come in second place to "ordering a drink from Starbucks"? If get a job as a barista, will I get bumped up at least...?