Colors from Carnival

So I experienced J'ouvert. This is the Spicemas Jab-Jab parade portion of Carnival festivities. (Follow the link for a short history and more pictures.)

It was all I had heard it would be and so much more. There was paint in the regular black and red and then some silver, orange, green and even some rouge pink and purple.... I can't begin to describe it, just imagine thousands of people in every color or paint dancing behind speakers strapped to the back of a truck. Then repeat with a different color and another group of painted dancers.

The painting and gathering started in the early morning hours (2am, 3am) and lasted until well after sunrise. We arrived in time to see the finale march and it was worth looking at. I'll be back next year, perhaps as a participant instead of spectator. Today I was happy to watch the festivities from afar. Enjoy the pictures!

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