Is there such a thing?

as too much studying? I don't really think so, but after the busy schedule that was term 1 it seems we have an abundance of time term 2. We have finals already, give it up for 1 credit classes taught in just two weeks. aka Genetics and Parasitolog. I'm loving it! Well, we'll see if I'm as excited about them after the exam but as of now, I feel like we had plenty of time to prepare and its a nice change from term 1 when it was all about cramming as much in as possible and hoping most or at least some of it would stick. There is only a certain amount of material that can be covered in 16 lectures so... bring on the exam -this girl is sick of studying!

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  1. Speaking from experience, trust me you will need all that extra study time. Physio and especially Neuro [in my case at least] demand a fairly intense amount of studying. There is a lot of material and though the final exams aren't cumulative, they require a fair amount of integration of pre-midterm material. But if you study wisely and thoroughly you should be fine.
    I loved Genetics and Path too, it was a wonderful way to slip back into the study groove ;)