Health Fair?-Check!

So, one of my goals for term 2 was to attend a health fair. And I went to my first today. It was amazing. Sponsored by AMSA and held in the parish of St. George's at a community Center on top of a hill. And quite a large hill, I think it was 1o degrees cooler there with a wonderful breeze blowing through the center which was basically a large cement building about half the size of a football field. I went with Women in Medicine so my job was to take medical histories and perform breast exams. Dr. McGill who is an OB/GYN came to teach us and supervise, she was amazing. I learned a lot. I saw someone with polycystic ovarian disease and examined lots of breasts: patients ranged from teen to elderly. They were fun, grateful and wonderful. I feel in love with each of them. The women who had never had breast exams before, the one who thought she might be pregnant, the ticklish 17 year old, the little boy peeping in from the corner of the our makeshift room, the man who demanded to see the doctor. I had to explain that he could see another doctor, but didn't really need a breast exam or to see "a women's doctor". It was a good day.

I am here for another year and half and I will go back to another health fair or 2 or 3. It is nice to see "life" and people beyond the campus. It was so nice to experience medicine beyond the textbooks. So far, this is my term 2 highlight.

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