What a Week!

I am exhausted. It has been a marathon of a week. To recap- Monday: took Community & Preventative Medicine Final, Tuesday: started a new class (so now my schedule is Immunology, Physiology and Neuroscience- I think the honeymoon is over), Wednesday: was a guest blogger at http://www.mothersinmedicine.com/ (btw- now I'm scared to have kids, childcare sounds like a nightmare, maybe Dr. Boyfriend can retire and be the stay at home dad), Thursday: lecture, lab, gym, buy tix for an event at Fenway, which brings us to today: I had lecture this morning and could barely pay attention I just feel drained and finally physio lab this afternoon. (Yes clinical skills are nice and all but 4pm on a Friday and you are telling me how to interpret an EKG and asking rhetorical question after question. Its time for class to end!) But I made it, week over. Smile. Sigh. Nap-time?

However, I have SO MUCH studying to do this weekend so I can't even take a break. We did cardio in physiology this week and I need to spend some serious time with the beloved Wiggers Diagram. That doesn't sound fun, so here is something more entertaining for you to look at.

 I'll stop complaining now as I'm off to meet my favorite island girl and do questions at my favorite coffee shop until I start drinking, or they close or both. Cheers!

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  1. I loved your blog entry on MIM;) It is starting to get very fall-like here (crisp, leaves changing)...anything you need on the island to remember fall by? Hugs! Katie