Happy. Lucky. Loved.

Just a few words to describe my mood at the moment. Yesterday was my birthday and while maybe it could have been depressing to be away from Dr. Boyfriend and studying for midterms it was actually a really great day. I have wonderful friends here and they all came over for wine, cake and nutmeg ice cream.  I am lucky. I get to study all weekend and I am living a pretty good life here in Grenada. Facebook and Skype keep me feeling connected even if I'm an island away. Maybe the grocery store is out of cheese. Maybe I can't good coffee beans here and am risk of running out the week of midterms. But in the scheme of things, in the importance of what really matters, these are minor details. I'm doing what I want with my life. I am lucky to be here. I am loved by my wonderful friends and I wouldn't trade this life for anything.


  1. I'm so glad you're content with your life here on the island. There's so many of us [present company included] who grumble about being so far from home and missing everything about it. But you always manage to see the up side of being here- that we're pursuing our dreams and we're doing what we want to do. I think sometimes we tend to forget that in the hubbub that is med school. Thanks for the reminder :)

    PS- My word verification is 'examy'..I think Blogger is trying to tell me I should go study! Haha

  2. examy. that is TOO funny! i guess those non-words really aren't all that random. oh, life as a med student... gotta love it. happy studying.

  3. Regina, hope you had a great birthday and I know you are looking forward to having Jerry with you. Congrats on the end of exams!!
    (I only get surov (not examy) - I guess that's why I'm not a med student!)