Here, There and Beyond

On my island the only real news is that we are still in a draught and that midterms are just a week away. I did take a short study break on Wednesday celebrate St. Patty's with a few friends and some cupcakes... I love to bake, fourth term may be busy, but I have yet to give up my baking.

Also, this past Thursday was "Match Day" and although I still don't know any 4th year students I am always curious as to how SGU did in the match and were they are going for residency. If you are interested, here is the list.

Finally, the health care bill passed and while not perfect and saddened that the abortion language stole the stage I am happy it passed. I'm with the Nuns on this one.

Have a fabulous day, and happy Spring!


  1. We got *five* of your awesomely awesome schoolmates at our program. Congrats to them!

  2. Thanks Beth and congrats to all those in the match this year.