Rumors- true and otherwise

I just checked my school email and this is the opening line:

"There are wild rumors circulating about the water shortage, most of which are very far from the truth."

The only rumor I have heard is that if the water shortage gets bad enough they will evacuate us to NY.  Now I didn't even believe that one for a millisecond but it was entertaining...

But that is the thing about med school at SGU, rumors abound.

Take 4th term for instance. There have been many rumors... I can not dispute or confirm any of them yet.  But so far, I have loved it. Classes are interesting (I mean, it is pathology, this is why we came to medical school, to learn what goes wrong with the human body. Is it a lot of work?  Yes, but I wouldn't expect otherwise? No. ) Now, I know we are only s/p 2 weeks of path but so far the lectures are good, this could change, but for now, I am content going to class. Lab is great, mainly because I love my group and it is empowering to have to learn a topic and teach it to 12 of your peers in 10 minutes while be watched by an MD tutor.  Clinical skills patients are amazing and  heart warming.... I. e. the elderly Grenadian women who answered all of my questions, "Yes doctor" (I wanted to take her home with me.) Clinical skills do matter and what better way to learn then interview "actor" patients and try to elicit information to make a diagnosis.

So all I am saying is, two weeks in, I am happy with path, this could all change, but for NOW medical school is good and I am not going to worry about tomorrow until it gets here. However, it is time to go study my weekend away... I can't wait!

***Full disclaimer. I may be especially giddy at the moment because three weeks from today our first path exam and micro midterm will be history and I'll be in NY for a long Easter weekend. That and because today is Friday I didn't have 2 or 4 hours of lab, so instead I took a 2 hour siesta and naps make me happy!

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