“Sometimes doing your best is not good enough. Sometimes, you must do what is required.”

-Quote and Title of Post credit to Winston Churchill.

So, pathology starts tomorrow. I'm all in. If you don't hear too much from me here, you know why.

But before path begins I just want to take a minute to reflect. I'm more than half way done with Grenada. (News Flash: I go to medical school in Grenada!)  Yesterday I was sailing on a Catamaran around the island with stops to snorkel and swim and eat lunch. Life is hard, I know... I am so happy I decided to come to SGU. Was it my first choice? Of course not... but I'm making the most of it and I don't think I'll ever look back on these days in Grenada and bemoan my decision to be here. My classmates are amazing. I have made lifelong friends and I think I'm getting a pretty good education.

My path group met tonight at Prickly Bay Marina for pizza (the best on the island by the way) and Stags and we had a nice time socializing about life other than medical school. Tomorrow I'll be a full time 4th term medical student dork, and that is okay, but for the moment I'm going to finish my John Adams novel and then talk to my husband and family via Skype before I go to sleep. I'll try to keep you updated. I'm sure it won't be very exciting but if you want to hear about types of cellular injury or neoplasias I'll be here!

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  1. good luck with path! it's not so bad until after the first midterm so you can just enjoy easing into things. if you ever need any advice or anything, you know where to find me! :)