Where the Oranges are Green

Reflecting upon my shopping trip to IGA, I always find it odd that the oranges on the island are super green. While they do change a little bit but never get to be Florida looking orange colored. Random thought for the day...

Have been having first term dejavu lately. I think it must be the time of year.... blizzards at "home" and sunny here, it is a strange juxtaposition. I forget what month or season it is, instead time is simply 3rd term, the deep breath before the marathon that is 4th term: pathology, microbiology, nutrition, clinical/physical diagnosis. It is strange to see the first and second termers studying for exams I've already taken. I remember the unease, the self doubt, the joy. It is different being an MS2 and definitely better!

I'm enjoying the quiet and the island. Since Term 3 is 50% review for a psych major, so I'm finding myself with time to bake, lounge, read and enjoy my surroundings. Today I became a foster parent to a baby corn plant and a toddler pumpkin. The goal is to nourish them (keep them alive- I don't really have a green thumb so wish me luck) for two weeks until the are big enough to be planted in a garden.

I went river tubing last weekend and got to float down the river and enjoy the rainforest canopy. The Superbowl was fun Grenada style.  Powder Puff football is a great excuse to run around the stadium lights with my fellow amazing colleagues and there have been a few B-day dinners. This weekend I am ushering for Vagina Monologues. I owe an entire post to my visit to Mt. Gay Mental Hospital... I am enjoying Grenada, my friends and school. I miss Dr. Boyfriend but even that is okay as I have decided  that I'm going home for a long Easter weekend.

The oranges may be green and my thumb not, but regardless- life is sweet!

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