Don't know what to call this post- surgery is almost over and I'm still happy to be a medical student

Just four more days of 4am note writing and surgery will be over. One more clinic day, one more call... it is winding down. In some ways I am done with surgery and glad that it is (almost) behind me yet it was pleasantly bearable. I like the hospital and the patients, most of the residents are amazing, my attending is great, I think I've learned a lot. I am now comfortable with all types of wounds, I know how to scrub, suture, tie and I can be of some help in the OR. I like clinic and seeing patients post-op. I don't mind consults and I've survived rounds more often that not.

That isn't to say that I want to go into a surgical field or that I've loved everything about these past 11 weeks but all in all, it could have been much worse. We'll see how the oral and written exams go of course but I'm content.

I have a few favorite patients and a bunch of sad stories to tell including some with happy endings, but that will come later. For now I am just trying to reflect, study and get ready for what is next.

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