Red, White, Blue and Surgery

Happy 4th of July to all! I am actually enjoying gen sx, suprisingly more than I expected, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate having a three day weekend and especially today off. I'm home in SD with my hubby and have plans to watch the fireworks later. In the meantime I'm enjoying the day. And I have a bit of time to reflect on what has been two weeks of gen sx so far.

I've seen some interesting cases and have enjoyed clinic, consults and pretty much everything in between. The new interns have arrived and the whole hospital is fresh with new faces and lost looking white coats. I actually feel like I have something to offer the team, my intern finds me helpful and it is kind of refreshing.

I have discovered that I like being in the OR. It is fun, which sounds weird to say and I can't seem myself doing the training or putting up with the surgeon types for 5+ years in order to be in the OR but I do see the appeal.

I have confirmed that I don't enjoy the ER. I don't like the pace, the noise or the rawness of everything. And I hate not knowing what is happening with the patient after they see me. I need follow through and the ER doesn't provide that. However I do like the ER docs. Shift work and cool colleagues are definite pros.

I like clinic. I like taking to and examining patients without too much of a time constraint. I like reading the chart, knowing the history and seeing someone who is going to be followed. I love it when I get to see the same patient for 2nd time, either post hospital d/c or follow-up appt, etc.

So to recap. Surgery- I don't like surgeon mentality but the OR is pretty cool. ER- not my cup of tea, but the ER docs are awesome. Clinic- seeing patients makes me happy.

I hope you have a wonderful, festive and safe 4th!


  1. Hey! Any reccs for Surgery books beyond Surgical Recall??

  2. For a great textbook try "Essentials of General Surgery" by Lawrence. It is a surprisingly easy read, if you just tackle a chapter at a time, say the Biliary Tract before your chole case, etc. you can easily get through it all. The book goes into pathophys and is informative without being overkill. Anat is sometimes lacking (although I've never been asked more than what is there) and the last chapter seems to be where my attending gets his intra-sx pimping questions from. Good luck!