Tired, but Inspired

My first day of gen surgery went well.  Rounding was done at warp speed and I've decided I really don't like wounds or dressing changes. Not so fun.

Also I was assigned a SOAP note for a pt that had been in the hospital for three months. I spent 1.5 hour reviewing his chart yet somehow managed to miss the part about him having a stroke. But my Junior resident had my back and my senior resident was quite understanding about it. Other than than it was just more of the same. Consults for the ER, yadda, yadda. Yet somehow the day lasted from 4am to 7pm. I was so tired and yet I am still not sleeping through the night. But at least I managed 4 hours of sleep before I was wide awake. I guess I can go in early and give myself plenty of time to read mammoth charts. I don't know what else to do at 3am. Other than read. I recommend this middle of the night on-line browsing and inspiration: In Iran, A Brotherhood of Doctors

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