Transitions and such

Tonight starts the first of my night float section of surgery.  I am not really ready to be done with neurosurgery and I guess the team feels the same about me as I was invited to scrub and assist in a case tomorrow. I hope I am awake enough after being up all night. Can you say coffee? With any luck I'll see a trauma or two and perfect my consults and post-op notes tonight. And then see a cool neurosx case in the AM. Have I mentioned lately how much I love med school and third year?

And, in other news I finally found out my placements for the rest of the year. My schedule looks something like this!

Family Medicine (6 weeks) -CA
Psychiatry core (6 weeks) -NY
Pediatrics core (6 weeks)  -NY
Holiday break 12/19 - 12/30/11
Ob/Gyn core (6 weeks) -NY
Medicine core (12 weeks) -CA

So all in all I am very happy with this. I get to stay at my current hospital for FM and then only move across the USA once. Hopefully I can set up sub-Is and electives on this coast for 4th year.

I am one step closer. Time to work. Have a wonderful night, I'm off to the hospital.

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