It IS brain surgery

So far I'm s/p day two of week two in my neurosurgery rotation and I have:
performed my first lumbar puncture
observed a craniectomy and tumor resection
watched a patient go into surgery talking and emerge aphasic
witnessed seizures and gotten crash courses in how to read an EEG and prescribe AEDs
assisted in a subdural hematoma resection x 2
seen a stroke patient in his final hours
held hands with patients pre and post-op
seen all varieties of aneurysms: s/p rupture, coil and clip
worked with three amazing residents that take the time to teach
scrubbed for surgery four times
been told I need to read and I should know this or that
been told I am the best medical student in a long time and that I should consider applying to neurosx

It is fascinating, it is exciting. It makes being at the hospital from 5:30am until 6pm or 7pm or 9pm seem like a blink of the eye. Clinical rotations make the first two years worth it. I know that I am only starting my third year and that I don't really know that much, but I know that I like clinic and I like patients and I like talking to their family members. I like being at the hospital. I don't always know what to do but at the same time, I feel like I belong. And so- being an MS III is a good thing. (And now it is time for bed.) I'll have lots more to share once I am done with my rotation (only three more days, -tear-sigh) and have had time to properly reflect...
Stay tuned.

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