Lost (and Found?)

Since I'm on the "study hall" portion of my surgery core I have a bit of time to roam the hospital and ponder life. And I am studying. I've read/outlined the first 19 chapters of Lawrence's "Essentials of General Surgery" but it doesn't take an entire day to read three chapters so I have some time.

Last week I went to the ladies room and found a very well-loved lost lion in my stall.

I found him propped up, just like this so I have to think that he fell out of a stroller or was dropped and someone hung him here in hopes he would be reclaimed. I checked the restroom later in the day and he was gone so hopefully his owner was happily reunited.

I don't have any patient stories or amazing tidbits of info to share with you (yet) but I'm one week closer to being on a team, writing notes, rounding on patients and all of that fun stuff. In the meantime I'll leave you with this fun fact: the liver has over 2000 metabolic functions. So love your liver, because it loves you! Oh, and good luck to any and all of those "already brave" lost lions (and other well-loved stuffed animals) out there.

-Kudos if you read a rather amazing blog and get the reference!

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