Tomorrow is my first day of third year. I think I am ready but it seems like I can't really be ready because I have no idea what this will be. It feels like the first day of school and the start of first year all over again.

For those of you playing along at home I got my first choice in that I got to stay in California (for now). I was assigned surgery as my first rotation which is 12 weeks long.  And while I am not at a clinical center I am within driving distance of Dr. Boyfriend for weekends, etc. Of course after surgery I will have to most likely move and then move again and again but I don't know what comes next so I really can't worry about it right now. Instead I just have to focus on remembering my anatomy and being the best third year I can be.

The new apartment is set up and unpacked. My fridge and freezer are stocked. I have clean laundry. I guess I'm ready. In the meantime I am enjoying a glass of chilled wine. Cheers to surgery!

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  1. Good luck!! And Congrats. :)