the good, the bad and the crazy

 -day 4 and so far inpatient psych is

good - I have a wonderful attending that let's us pretty much do everything. Admission notes, interviews, MMSE, discharge summaries, etc. Some of the other teams are still on "needs supervision" to talk to their patients or write a progress note but we have full reign which I appreciate.
- Our weekly lecture series is going to be great if today is any indication. There is a full time pharmacist that works on the unit and he gave us a great lecture on antidepressants today. Yay for learning pharm!
- I have a favorite pt that likes to compliment me in another language and dances in his wheelchair whenever there is music or mention of the same. You can't be sad when your pt is dancing in his wheelchair.
-Did I mention 9-5, no weekends, no call?

bad - Psych is depressing. Pt's have no insight, poor hygiene, hear voices and scream at you. Treatment is medication (sometimes forcefully) and structure. But a reading room without books and a place that smells like urine half of the time is not exactly my cup of tea.
-I hate the old fashioned keys needed to get into anything on the unit. The entrance is key coded but the rest of the until requires keys. And of course none of the keys fit well so it can take 5 sec or 15 min to open a door. We have computers that are fingerprint access enabled but we need a key to get into the nursing station. Does this make any sense?

crazy-  enough said. Stories will follow.

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