In my Alternate Profession...

.... I could wear a costume to work tomorrow.

If I couldn't be a doctor, I'd be be a first grade teacher.

Why? Kids are great, but more than that, I love holidays! I love decorating and I love the festivity of the occasion. It doesn't really matter which holiday, I just like celebrating it. I grew up in a pretty conservative christian family and Halloween was often downplayed. We were allowed to dress up but it was always as benign, non-scary things. (A strawberry, a ballerina, a hobo.) Our candy was frozen for safekeeping (i.e. taken away from us) and everyone knows that once your chocolate is placed in the freezer it is never quite the same again. But I survived and my love for Halloween and all other holidays has only grown with time. Pumpkin carving is one of my favorite traditions and I got to help my niece and nephew with their creations yesterday. So. Much. Fun!

I'd like to dress up tomorrow but I'm not sure the geriatric psych patients would appreciate my efforts and staff might think of me as inappropriate, so I'll settle for watching the Village Parade and counting down to the next holiday and one of my all time favorites- Thanksgiving!

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