Anatomy of a 6 week Rotation

Week 1: excitement, meeting new people, figuring out who's who. this is going to be great.
Week 2: still excited to be in a new rotation, settled and ready to learn, call is fun.
Week 3: tired. time is going by so slowly....i can't believe i'm only half way done. call is exhausting.
Week 4: omg. am i still on this rotation? very tired. call is dreaded. did i mention tired.
Week 5: the end is near. i kind of like this rotation. i'm sad i only have two weeks left.
Week 6: exams, done. that was great! i can't believe how fast time goes by....

I'm just about done with OB/GYN. It was fine. I liked the OB part and tolerated the GYN... clinic and L&D were great. The OR, not so much.... but then again I already knew surgery wasn't for me. It was a good experience and I'm glad to have another rotation behind me.

IM is up next and while I'm ready to learn and excited to be going somewhere that I have autonomy and actually contribute to patients care I'm a little apprehensive about working 6 days a week for 3 months on the wards. But regardless I'm going. And then fourth year will be here so ready or not, here I go...

Cali is just 8 days away, so long New York!


  1. IM is great, although I might be a tad biased. I think being able to actually have some kind of impact on patient care and the greater degree of autonomy really does make the entire experience a lot more enjoyable. IM was the first rotation where I really felt like I was actually playing the role of doctor, and not just mindless scutmonkey. I hope you love it!

  2. Thanks S! I know how you love IM and I hope I feel that way too. I think I'm sold on peds and nothing will compare but it will be nice to be "needed" again. It will at least be nice to think and write notes and problem solve. And I couldn't end with a better review for Step 2 so it will be good. (But I might need you to remind me of this 6-8 weeks in.)