Insomnia- take 2

I'm not sure that this post has a point. I'm wide awake, SUPER wide awake and have been since 4:30am this morning, which considering I didn't fall asleep until after 1am is kind of odd.  I feel strangely hypomanic, this is my third night/day of not needing very much sleep: 3 hours, 5 hours, 4 hours. And this from a girl who is normally vary happy to sleep 8 or 9 or more. So yeah, insomnia is weird.

If I didn't have my exam in 8 days and I wasn't busy with a super B-day surprise for Dr. Boyfriend*** I'd be more concerned. But I think this is my way of displaying stress, or something like that. Not that I feel stressed, I fell strangely calm and ready but at the same time like my heart is pounding and my fingers are trembling and I just don't need to sleep. Or eat. It is all very odd. If this is what bipolar or hyperthyroidism feels like than I totally have new respect and sympathy. Not fun. Or maybe this is like ADHD. My attention span has been whack the last few days as well. Which makes studying and doing a block of 44 questions rather cumbersome. Oh well. Hopefully the exhaustion kicks in and I go back to normal for a day or two before I have to sit for Step 2. I don't feel very confident to sit in a chair for 8 hours at this point. I can't even sleep in my bed for 8 hours right now. Something has got to give!

**** We are adopting a dog! Dr. Boyfriend has been asking me for some time and I kept saying no, well anyhow I decided that it was time. I'll be away at rotations for most of next year and if a dog would make him happy and keep him company than who am I to deny him that? He let his wife move to Grenada and has put up with marriage via Skype for three and half years now. It is my time to do something for him.

Future Fido- I know you are out there... we are looking for you....

(We have an appointment to see some American Staffordshire Terrier puppies at a local dog rescue today and I'm feeling confident.)

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