Interview trail rehash and random updates on my current state of mind

Greetings from the trail! I had my 3rd to final interview yesterday and am staying for the weekend to hang out with friends that just happen to live here. Now that the interview season is almost over it doesn't seem so bad. Tiring, yes. Expensive, absolutely. But sometimes fun (I did get to explore quite a few new cities/areas) and always informative. Places I expected to like and rank highly disappointed me. Places I really didn't have any expectations for turned out to be amazing or have the happiest residents and most involved Program Directors. I have no idea how I'm going to rank places. I know which programs I loved and which ones I would rather not have to deal with but all of the middle is a muddle. And since I am applying for  Child Neuro and each place has one or two spots per year it is like fellowship in that I could realistically match at my #5 or #8 and so that is hard.... I just have to make a list and leave it up to the NMRP computer to do its thing. But until then I am agonizing daily...

62 days until Match. Not that I'm counting. Dr.  Boyfriend's iPhone is though, so I get periodic reminders. He is more anxious  than I am which makes sense because the match going to determine where we end up, where he has to find a job, where we live for the next 5 years. I view this as fun and exciting. He views it as nerve-wracking and scary. Reality is probably somewhere in the middle. (But then again I am the girl that moved 15 times in my first 16 years of life and will have rotated at 9 different hospitals by the time I graduate from medical school, so maybe change is not a huge deal to me.)

In other news, I LOVE genetics. My attending is awesome. The patients are super interesting and I am learning a lot. Clinic is just so much better than a textbook. So far (in my only 2.5 days of patients because I've been away interviewing) I've seen at least one of each diagnosis: Neurofibramotosis, Beckwith-Wiedeman Syndrome, Gaucher's Disease, Osteogenesis Imperfecta, Klinefelter's, Potter's Syndrome in utero, William's Syndrome, Trisomy 21 and cleft palate as well as rule outs for Marfan's and Legius Syndrome. And these are just the confirmed by genetic testing diagnosed patients. There were others that are still being worked up. So interesting, so cool, plus Miami Children's is a great hospital and I love what I'm doing. That's all I've got today. Happy Saturday!

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