Up in the air I go...

One more interview, one last trans-America trip, one concluding night in a strange hotel, one final trip exploring a new city.

I am at the airport ridiculously early because I opted for one of those group Shuttle van services to the airport and I guess I'm flying at a not very busy time because I got my own personal town car ride to the airport for fraction of the cost of a cab... and I'm more than two hours early, which is after I cleared security! Less anxiety provoking than leaving my house at this time and taking a cab, two trains and a shuttle bus to arrive in the same spot when boarding is already in process. And I even managed to score one of those comfy SW lounge chairs/charging stations at my gate, so I really cannot complain.

It will be nice to be done with interviews and finished with traveling. Of course the ranking and waiting part is going to be torture but still, it will be nice to have this part behind me. And then I can actually stay in Miami and enjoy it for almost two whole weeks before I am headed back to Cali for the remainder of fourth year.

My Genetics rotation continues to be awesome. If you are at all interested in Medical Genetics or Pediatrics then I recommend this rotation. Miami Children's is wonderful and it is a great place to spend a month. I had to apply for the rotation over 6 months in advance and follow up via emails and phone calls ad-nauseum to ensure I got the elective but it was more than worth it.

I have lots of thinking and ranking and pondering to do, but I'm waiting until this interview is over to really start.... stay tuned!

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