Best of the NYT in article and video. Also my PSA re: MELAS because today is rare disease day!

I cannot help but share the following... After a rather disappointing day at work I needed to have my faith in humanity restored and the NYT has come to the rescue!

You have to read this article: We found our son in the subway. I always love Townies and Modern Love and this article is like the perfect mix of both. It is a story of  family, a story of love and it makes me happy. Life is strange that way, it just somehow has a way of working out....

Or if you would rather watch a video than this is the one: Finding the visible in the invisible.
So amazingly cool, it will make you appreciate the awesomeness of science, I promise!

And as a little bit of a public service announcement, today is rare disease day. There are so many rare diseases and the families they are affect are great in number and ways. As you know I am going to dedicate my career to Child Neurology and there are "just a few" rare diseases in that category. I know a young man who was originally diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) but is now thought to have MELAS however the diagnosis can only be made via genetic testing which is extremely expensive and my young friend has recently turned 18 and does not have insurance.... He is looking for a research study or some way to be diagnosed or treated but he lives in Oklahoma and doesn't have the means to travel super far without some type of travel or financial assistance. I don't know what to do for him but since it is rare disease day I'm posting his story and hoping that maybe the right person will read this. If you have any ideas or know of any ongoing studies, please let me know!

That is all I've got for today. Hope your faith is restored too...

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