Down to single digits... From here to there!

So the countdown continues....

9, 8, 7-

I  know missed a few posts. The days have slipped away due to the craziness that is my neurosurgery rotation.  I have had little time to do more than work/eat/sleep/repeat. Things learned on Neuro Sx this time so far include 1) Do NOT fall off a ladder 2) denial is a powerful thing but if you are loosing your vision or hearing (or both) the proper time to see a neurosurgeon is probably way past! 3) Being in the OR is fun if you get to operate on the brain, it is humbling, amazing and so cool.

Of the cities/programs I've been contemplating these three share the common denominator of being general pediatric programs. I would be happy at any of them. Sure I want to do Child Neurology but I also realize I am more of a pediatrician than a neurologist so spending three years instead of two to do a full pediatric residency would not be a bad thing.

And since they are all great peds programs, all academic, all awesome I have to do something to contrast them so here are a few random pics and facts.

"From here to there and there to here, funny things are everywhere." 
-Dr. Seuss

Springfield, MA

-Birthplace of and home to The Dr. Seuss National Monument and museum
-9% Registered Republicans
-Hoop City (Basketball was invented here)

Oakland, CA

-47th largest city in the US
-# of dog parks: 5
-260 sunny days per year

Albany,  NY

-The Capitol of NY since 1797 and longest continuously chartered city in the US
-Home of a very good college friend of mine and super awesome med school classmate of Dr Boyfriend, both of which have amazing families that we love (aka we have people here!)
-Santa Claus, and the first celebration of the feast of St. Nicholas in America, probably originated in Albany (imported from the Netherlands). -Reference here

Just six days to match, I'm excited, are you?

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