M is for...

M is my mentor. M is a Mother in Medicine. M is an NP. M was a witness at my wedding and I am forever grateful for her presence. M  has two amazing children and a wonderful Father in Medicine husband. M is the best multi-tasker I know. M is an educator. M understands patients and has touched countless lives. M embodies a good listener, when talking to her she makes you feel like you are the only person that exists.

M has taught me many things: how to interview a patient, how to build rapport with the family, how to get informed consent, how to navigate alone time with teen and parent without making either one aware of the separation, how to listen without being noticed, how to measure head circumference and how to assess Tanner stage nonchalantly. M told my about the Tuskegee syphilis experiment long before I learned about in medical school. M suggested I read "The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down" and I am only sorry I waited so long. I finished the book last night in one sitting upon returning home from a visit with M.

I started a draft about M for Mothers in Medicine Topic Day: Our Mentors. But being the busy first term med student studying for my first exams I didn't finish or submit it. I have meant to thank M many times for her impact, for her friendship and simply for being the MiM I hope to someday be. I know this blog entry does not begin to do M justice, but I wanted to make an attempt to put her impact on my life into words.  I wanted to do this before I got caught up in MS 2 and forgot how privileged I am to have worked along side with M and learned so much from her, before I go back to Grenada where it seems I am in an alternate universe. I may not come back to New York for awhile as I am returning to California after fourth term but I don't want to forget this chapter in my life. I am so lucky to know M. If I turn out to be half the MiM that she is I will count myself blessed. Thank you M!

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