MS II (Medical Student Year Two)

I'm here. Medical School year two is in session, Term 3 is off with a bang. Almost a week in and four hours of class a day but at least we don't start until 8am and are in the lovely Charter Hall. The first termers are starting to appear on the island looking lost and excited and anxious and eager.

The Good- I am still in a great room on top the hill in married housing with my favorite view just steps from my doorway. The weather seems cooler this term, there is a breeze and I have yet to feel too hot. It has been great to catch up with friends and our path group is formed and ready to go, that is once we finish Term 3 (2.5 weeks until midterms and 5.5 weeks until finals.)

The Bad- It is strange to be here and removed from events happening in the world. Haiti. I wish I was done with my training and could go there and help. Here is what you can do. Donate to a well known and established group. Some suggestions:
Paul Farmer's Partner in Health Clinics that have been working in Haiti since 1985 and already have staff and supplies in the area.
The Red Cross which has already released $10 million in aid.
Heifer International which is another established group that will work with families and provide long term assistance to those affected.
My thoughts are with those in Haiti.

The Ugly- Our health care system and learning in detail how in trouble we are compared to many other developed nations. Health Policy is part of Term 3 and it is fascinating and scary to learn so much about Medicare, Medicaid and health care in the US compared to other systems around the world. I only wish we could take the class after Health Care Reform was passed so that we might better understand the legislation and what it will mean for us as future physicians.

However, so far, so good. Now it is time to bake some brownies, welcome my neighbors and go for a run. Cheers to MS II!

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