Other Talents

Well rounded, diverse, interesting people, these are some of the reasons that I love medicine. My colleagues are amazing. I went sailing today and was too sea-sick to take pictures but I did have a few interesting conversations and it is always nice to be on the water... 

My path group is formed and I am very excited about my group but we are having a hard time coming up with a name. If you have witty ideas please feel free to comment, suggestions are welcome!

In the search for a name a member sent me this fun video. 
Which reminds me, Doctor Boyfriend was in a band during medical school. There is a grand piano on campus and in the search for playing privileges and key I was asked to join the campus Choral Group. I'm not really that great of a singer but it might be fun to be in a Grenadian choir. Bourne Lecture Hall 5:30pm Fridays if you are interested, they are looking for 40 voices.

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