Time's Up!

So the torture is over. I have officially been notified that I will start rotations in California at my first choice spot. I still won't get to live in the same city as Dr. Boyfriend but we'll settle for the same state and time zone.

I can't believe it. In just two weeks from today I will be starting my third year rotations with surgery. Which means I need to do some serious anatomy brushing up before then. And find an apartment. Buy a car. Pack and move. Little things really...


  1. Congrats! That means you'll get one of the most difficult ones over with first which is always a good feeling. Based on what I've been told, also grab a copy of Surgical Recall and read the first few chapters before you start...it's really basic stuff from what I've seen but it helps to be familiar with it all you know? Good luck!!!

  2. Thanks S! This is EXACTLY what I needed to know. I'm on it!