The Waiting Game

Disclaimer: Whiny post ahead. Since I have nothing of substance to blog about I'm whining. Feel free to skip this one and come back another time.

Waiting is so hard. The agony. I really thought that once I had my passing Step 1 score I would be assigned a clinical site. Previous correspondence from Clin Ed had been received to confirm that I could start in early May in California, which I would LOVE to do and I replied accordingly. Yet May is now less than a month away and it would be nice to know WHERE I am going so I can find an apt, buy a car, etc. Little things I know. Yet despite many emails and inquiries Clin Ed will only tell me that they have not yet begun placing students in California. No timeline, no promises. They are masters of being vague.
Me: "Is Arrowhead  (a hospital in Colton, CA) an option?"
Clin Ed: "We will note your preference to be placed in Arrowhead and if it is an option you will be considered for a spot there."

Great, thanks! For nothing. (Sigh.) Previous terms have been given a prelim placement spots but I guess it was problematic so they changed they system this year and we are not given a chance to appeal our placements.  We were able to request an area, at least in theory. They assign us, we go. I can live with that but I did think I'd know by now. On the bright side I leave for NYC in just three days. One final vacation before third year starts, whenever that may be...

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