Interview A

A most perfect interview.... No delayed flights or lost bags. An on-time shuttle shuttle and easy ride to the hotel. Fun, good dinner with happy residents, followed by day of interviews with super nice,  down-to-earth faculty and then the afternoon off to explore and relax before doing it all again.

Today and the residency program seem too good to be true. I'm smitten and wish I could simply profess my love and sign on the dotted line. It is so strange, this interviewing for a spot. Well 2 spots. There are at least 30 applicants that have/will interview and then they will rank us and ultimately take just 2. (Hey A- pick me!)

Interview A is half-way over and at this point I don't think they could tell me anything that would change my mind about this place. Community- check. Education, research, travel- check, check, check. Beauful facilities, seemless electronic medical records, state of the art everything! Matching here would be a dream.

Yes, it may be a tinsy weeny cold in the winter. And yes, the nearest size able city is an hour + away but these hardly seem like sacrifices when given the opportunity to be at a world class institution. At least this is my thought process at the moment. 

I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Now time for sleep while I dream of A.

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