So... yesterday I blogged about how I just didn't "heart" medicine, or at least adult medicine and while that may still be true so much of how I feel on wards is a product of the team dynamics.... Today our team got a new resident and new attending and both are great, rounds were extensive, exhaustive but invigorating... I got a new patient and kept my old one and learned and thought more today then perhaps in all of the past 9 days combined. Today I was actually a sub-I and it felt good. Being a "kind of sub-I" was boring... Too bad that tomorrow is my last day. Of course! But I do have to come back and finish my sub-I, two more weeks of it, so hopefully those two weeks will be closer to today than the last week and half.

In other new, three more rejections today. Yes, the tide has turned and my interview to rejection ratio is now skewed more toward the later.... But I'm still waiting to hear from 30 Child Neuro programs and a bunch of general peds programs so I'm okay with my 9 scheduled interviews thus far...

Time to pack my bags and head back to San Diego and Sancho and Dr. Boyfriend and I can't say that I'm sad about that in the least. :)


  1. I agree with you- as much as you might love what you're doing, so much of that is derived from the people you get to work with on a daily basis. Sometimes all it takes is one new Resident or Attending or even a student to affect the dynamic! Hope the second half of your Sub-I goes well, and good luck with those interviews!!

    1. Thanks S, for all the well wishes. Fingers crossed you are getting some interviews too!