crickets here...

Welcome to my silence here in blogworld. Not because I don't have anything to say but in perspective all I've wanted to write about seems small and not really worthy of complaining about.

I am just about done with what is a 2 week medicine sub-I rotation (it was suppose to be ambulatory care but due to paperwork snafus it was decidedly not.) I don't have any great love for adult medicine (hence my going into peds) and I haven't been at my best these last two weeks but it is almost over and back the peds world I go (NICU) after a short break for my first interview and my dad's upcoming mitral valve repair.

I am nervous to start interview season but feel good about the number of programs I've heard from and interview offers thus far. It is still early but I hope others are feeling the same. Best of luck and positive thoughts to my classmates starting the interview season.

Hopefully I'll be more inspired to write soon.

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