For S

This ornament is hung on my tree at home but today I am virtually hanging it here for S, over at A Thousand Times Over.

Way back in December 2008 when this blog was still only an idea I found her blog and was inspired: by her writing, her dedication and her passion for medicine. It was present then and it is present now. These past four years may not have culminated exactly as S had planned, but she still has a passion and desire to enter medicine and she will make a damn good doctor when she is given the chance. I am thinking of her this match season and I am hoping/wishing that 2013 allows her to finally fulfill her dream and match into IM so that she can show the world what I know is true.

Life does not always work out as planned but I do believe in persistence and I know that S does too. So  to S, please don't ever, ever, ever give up!


  1. SIQ, thank you so much for this! More than the ornament, I truly appreciate the sentiment behind it and especially all the encouragement. It's quite literally the sweetest thing a fellow blogger has done for me. In fact, if it wasn't blatant copy-catness, I'd virtually hang an ornament for you as too! Here's to hoping 2013 brings us both what we want! :)

  2. I'll miss your blogging! Here is hoping 2013 makes you want to write again... And fingers crossed for many other wishes too!