Calling All Student Bloggers (And non-students too!)

Announcing Grand Rounds, Blog Carnival here on October 26th! I am excited and honored to be hosting my first ever Grand Rounds.

Since I'm a medical student and spend my days in lecture and learning about how vast the knowledge of medicine really is I thought education would be an appropriate topic. And I think that one of things that attracted me to medicine in the first place was the never ending opportunities for lifelong learning.

I just read a great article in the New York Times about the Physical Exam. If you are a medical student and have never submitted to Grand Rounds in the past I suggest you do so now. What do you think about the physical exam? Do you feel like SGU or your school prepares us to be well rounded physicians? I want to know!

And if you are not a student but a practicing physician, educator or patient I want to hear your stories too. What have you learned? What are you still learning?

Be creative! Comics, poems and other art forms are welcome too. I'd like to either organize the entries by Subject/System (Biochem, Anatomy, Cardio, Path, etc) or via Physical Exam (head to toe) so if you have a funny anatomy lab story or a teachable moment to share, now is the time!

Send entries to spiceislandqueen@gmail.com

Deadine is October 24th, 6pm EST.

Happy writing!

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