"No Comment" (47 days to go)

I was taught that if you didn't have anything nice to say.... So I should just say "No comment" and leave it at that... I should, but I won't because:

As Tropical Storm Tomas approaches the island and we get ready to turn off our water for the night I am ready to go home. As in California, near my husband and away from here home. (Please Tropical Storm Tomas, find another island to bother, I'm begging you! Or better yet just play in the water and take a detour south, you don't need to bother with land, the water is better, I promise. You can come another time, but this weekend I would really like to study with a/c and lights. I hope you don't mind but you are not welcome here.)

If only I had a picture of "No Comment"... I don't but I do have this one, taken on the drive to the Hospital today as I reflected upon all of the named Raggae buses. (Think mini vans with loud music and interesting window decals.) This is actually a tour van but you get the idea.  And there is a King Elvis Raggae bus as well, although I didn't get a picture. Sorry!

Others I saw today....
Mr. Faithful
DJ Thunderz
A New Beginning
Flavours after Flavours
No weapon form against me shall prosper
No Comment (my favorite!)

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