a pictorial countdown of sorts- 50 days left

Okay, so in an effort to blog more, remember all the things I appreciate about Grenada and make sure I am appropriately reflecting during my final weeks of my final term here I've decided to blog a picture a day. Today is day 1, or rather day 50 as that is how many days I have left in Grenada.

Now, I really wasn't keeping track per se, but everyone else is and I'm hardly immune. Plus I think it is only natural after two years on this island to start thinking of home and thus how many more days until then. And I think any 2nd year medical student at any school is sick of lectures and ready for clinicals come this point. But whatever, I'm doing a countdown. I'm not sure why I am trying to justify it. Here goes day 50, just 49 to go....
 The view from my balcony.... enough said.

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