a clean desk and good mail- days 49/48

Okay, I told you I didn't keep track. After I posted last night (or rather early this morning) I realized that I only had 48 days left. So this post is for days 49 and 48.

Things that I love about Grenada continued...

A desk that is (mostly clean), no clutter, no extra stuff, just what I need to study. As I was pondering why this never seems to happen at home it dawned on me that I've had to share a desk with Dr. Boyfriend (and although I love him dearly, tidy is not exactly a good description of his work space). But it isn't all his fault either, there is the issue of mail. We get so much of it, it always accumulates and some of it you don't want to throw out but you don't have the time to put it all away each day either so it piles up and takes over the desk.... but here in Grenada I don't seem to have that problem. The only mail I ever get is much desired. Artwork from my nieces and fun cards from family and friends. No bills, no junk mail, just love in the form of stamped paper in my mailbox.

This is the latest piece of mail, a post card from a dear friend traveling in Japan. (Snow monkey and baby, SO cute... at least I think so.) I am proudly displaying it on my desk!

Back to studying. I love this part of the term when classes are over but exams are still a few days out and you can study and organize and do lots of practice questions. And if that makes me a med school dork, so be it.

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