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Since I'm in third term limbo I have just a little bit of spare time on my hands. Today's entire agenda was getting a massage. Yep, that is it. Don't feel too sorry for me! And tomorrow.... I have absolutely nothing planned or anything that I must do. It is great but at the same time kind of boring, but I can always read another book. I talked to my mom today and she remarked how it would be nice if I could somehow bottle up the spare time and save it for some future use. Agreed. Anyhow, I've been spending my oodles of spare time reading and stumbled across a new blog and this idea. Post something every day- for a month. But I don't want to just write non-sense so I'm doing this- NaBloPoMo. Let me know what you think. If you also blog I challenge you do do the same.

Today's prompt:  Give us links to five must-read web sites you go to every day and tell us why.

Somewhere during 1st year I discovered Google blog reader, it saves tons of time and all my blogs are in one spot. I only have to check my home page to discover new posts. Here are my current favorite 5.

1) Grady Doctor heartwarming, thoughtful, poignant posts about life as a mother and physician in a teaching hospital. Often her posts make me laugh, smile and even cry.  She is truly inspirational.

2) Mothers In Medicine  I have been following this blog since the start of medical school. I hope to one day be a mother and this blog gives me hope.
 3) A three way tie for third-
A Thousand Times Over 
Tales of a Brown-Haired Freak 
A Caribbean MD is Good Enough for Me 
All three are written by fellow SGU upperclasswomen. They keep me grounded, anticipating what comes next and looking forward to the next step.

4) Getting Better- a hybrid of diverse medical bloggers all in one spot, what is not to love?

5) A Farmer in the Dell  A blog about food and farming. There is something appealing about contemplating dinner and dessert. Maybe I'll be a farmer in my next life.

So those were my daily blogs. But of course I don't read JUST blogs. The other website that I visit every day is The NY Times because every girl needs a news source. I like that I don't have to read about celebrity meltdowns on NYT and for the most part it keeps me up to date in current affairs. I don't like that I will very soon have to start paying to read this. So sad...

Well, that is all for today and this post. Until tomorrow!

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