A Day at the Museum

It was resident free Tuesday so I went for the afternoon to the Museum of Man. My favorite moments had to be:

1) when viewing a skull with lytic lesions due to syphilis a couple walked by and the girl said, "honey look, this is what happens to your brain when you get infected!" True, syphilis is bad and not just for your man parts. Maybe this is a good way to keep STDs at bay.

2) watching the very pregnant woman and her husband (no children were with them so I assume primigravida) in front of  the Being Born exhibit. I mean it was pretty good exhibit showing the baby in different labor stags coming down the birth canal but it just seemed ironic that there she was, about to pop and she was studying how a baby is born.

Clearly, life after step 1 is pretty good. I also finished my third book in a week while I sat in the park... I love people watching.

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