To: Spice Island Queen/Student
From: Clin Ed/SGU_LN
Date: 03/25/2011 12:29PM
Subject: USMLE Step I Results

Hi Spice Island Queen!

At this time we still have not received the results for the Step I exam.  Please email a PDF copy to clined@sgu.edu  as soon as possible.

Clinical Placement Coordinator

Dear Clin Ed,

I don't have my Step 1 results either! I am expecting them any day and will forward a copy to you just as soon as I receive them.

Fingers crossed,
Spice Island Queen

P.S. A friend who took the step 4 days before I did said he received his score report exactly 3 weeks after his exam so if that schedule holds I should receive my report on Tuesday the 26th.

1 comment:

  1. In my experience it's always been 3 weeks after the exam on a Wednesday morning at around 9-10 am EST that you receive your score. This is regardless of the specific day you took the exam. Of course they could be switching things up but that seemed to be the identical trend amongst my friends and I.

    Good luck!!