one too many

So I am home (where I grew up, where my parents reside and where my sister and her three children live) for vacation.

I love being auntie to my two nieces- 9, 7 and 4 year old nephew. However three is just one too many. I can't possibly hold all three of their hands when crossing the street. I can only sit by two of them at the dinner table and no matter how hard I try someone is always left out. I just try to be mindful that it not always the same one. I try... but my iphone is often the surrogate me. Luckily my iphone is a big hit so the left out one is usually pretty happy.

I like to believe that children should not outnumber the adults. Of course I am breaking my own rule and taking the two girls to see a musical tomorrow afternoon. I hope I survive.  Right now I'm off to bed because my 7 year old niece likes to get up before the sun (yawn).

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