auntie love

I love being an aunt. I love the feel of little hands searching for mine in the dark theatre and not letting go, the entire show. I love the questions, the awe of a 7 year old and the smarts of a 9 year old. We had a most wonderful afternoon, just us three girls. No tears, no fighting, just a fun-filled time watching Cinderella (the girls favorite), Little Red Riding Hood (my favorite) and a few other story book characters come to life in "Into the Woods" the musical.  We only stayed for Act 1 and it was perfect in length and substance. Not too long, not too scary and everyone got their happily ever after...

I love being an aunt. I love that we had to dig up bugs with big sticks. I love that during hide & seek the same hiding spot never gets old. I love that at 4 years old he wants to know when his voice will change and that I am the one he thinks to ask. Boys can be fun too.

I love being an aunt and for the next 8 days that is my sole purpose. 
(I promise to return to normal med school blogging soon.)

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